Vincent Grall vigneron le domaine

The wine maker

One of the smallest wine estate of the Sancerre vineyard

I come from a well known Sancerre’s wine estate Family, Jean my grandfather used to grow some acres of vines as a farmer, Renée my grandmother used to raise goats and make the widely renowned goat cheese Crottin de Chavignol.

I gradually learned the art of wine growing and wine making, working with my uncles during 10 years.

At the same time, I started to created my own vineyard, step by step, planting plots of vines which gradually turn into today’s Vincent Grall wine estate.

In 2000, I decided to fully dedicate to my own production. Since then, I work with my wife developing sells in France, export, and wine tourism.

Vincent Grall Sancerre Parcelles
Vincent Grall vigneron la vigne

The philosophy

An environmental protection approach from the vines to the winery

Vines need a specific care and I work  in a spirit of respect for nature and wine growers tradition: organic fertilization, slow  phytosanitary spray, natural grass and trees surrounding the vines, mechanical tillage of the soil. It is also a guarantee of quality. 

Grapes are 100% hand harvested and collected in 80 liters     containers to preserve the whole bunches up to the press, to allow the sorting of berries and avoid crushing and oxydation.  

A wine making process with selection of juices and micro-vinification in small tanks or barrels (from 6 to 50 Hl) to vinify juice from each soil specificaly in order to express its character and the vintage as well. Different wine making, in stainlees steel or oak, lead to highlight the minerality of the sauvignon grape and its complexity. 

Vincent Grall vigneron le terroir

The terroir

A production located on the flint soils of the Sancerre hills

The wine estate produces mainly Sauvignon blanc and only 5% of pinot noir (dedicated to the Sancerre Rosé production).

Most of the plots are small ones and located all around the hill of Sancerre where soils are composed by flint and clay.

New plots located on limestone soils of “terres blanches” and “caillotes“ start to produce.

Vincent Grall vigneron terroir silex